Stratégie clients : Le salon btob de la relation client et des centres d’appels









09H30-10h30 - Making sense of your customer relationship!





The Association Française de la Relation Client invites us to give meaning to the action aimed at improving the relationship that companies have with their customers. Through testimonials from the winners of the last edition of the Palmes de la Relation Client, AFRC shares their best practices and recipes to address the future of customer experience. How can we approach this future of technologies and incessant innovations based on the wealth of human capital in companies? How to conduct a customer-oriented strategy that gives meaning to all stakeholders?





14H00-15h00 - Managing the new complaining client, a sporting discipline! 




If the complaining is a national sport, the customer relationship champions must be top athletes to hope for a win or at least a fair match. The profile of claimants is changing as expectations increase and sources of expression multiply. What are the new standards for claims management? How can complaining customers in human interactions and digital interfaces be dealt with? The Association pour le Management de la Réclamation Client offers this plenary session to transform your glitches into nuggets!






16H30-17h30 - Company, do you have a heart? Enhancing your customer experience with emotion


As opportunities for contact become scarcer, the challenges of the relationship intensify across all channels, particularly in human interactions. Creating emotion, taking into account the emotion of the customer and the employee are the greatest challenges of the customer experience aimed at leaving a strong and differentiating imprint. How to know the moments with high emotional importance for the customer? How to combine artificial intelligence and relational intelligence?











09H30-10h30 - Disease seeks thermometer: how to measure customer performance


The dashboards are enhanced with new indicators to measure the performance and success of its customer activity. Satisfaction, loyalty, transformation, recommendation, effort, commitment, verbatim: the list is constantly growing and KPIs are accumulating. Which data to use? How to properly solicit the customer? How to combine measures effectively? What are the essential measures?






15H15-16h15 - AI, Chatbots, facial recognition, customer experience blenders.


The adoption of technologies is subject to the goodwill of customers and is linked above all to the real benefit they are offered. Artificial intelligence is progressing and driving new channels of dialogue with the customer with varying degrees of success today. What are the best ways to experiment? How can new forms of dialogue and recognition be integrated? How to give birth, feed and raise your robot?






 JEUDI 11 AVRIL 2019




09H30-10h30 - Verbatim is the new boss: how the customer's voice helps to manage the customer experience.


The use of the customer's voice is a source of improvement and a performance lever. Well collected, well shared, it motivates employees and makes it possible to mobilise all stakeholders on irritants or to record successes. Well organised, the diffusion of the customer's voice promotes the culture and customer orientation of a company. How to sort through the customer's expressions? What are the best ways to share? How to distinguish between weak signals and strong trends?




14H00 - 15h00 - The art form that is making a success of your career paths and customer experience!


The best experiences do not happen by chance, they are thought out, they are intentional. The courses most appreciated by customers are carefully studied and designed. How are memorable experiences born? How to design a customer journey with markers in the relationship? How to design a customer experience?