Stratégie clients : Le salon btob de la relation client et des centres d’appels






Enhanced marketing targeting (managing directors, customer relations managers/directors, research managers/directors, marketing managers/directors). 


Strong presence at the social network exhibition with sector-specific interests to boost the online reputation of Stratégie Clients, and increase loyalty among a highly-qualified community through participation, to promote the knowledge offered by its most involved member. 



  • 4 000 PDF brochures presenting the exhibition 


  • 20 000 invitations sent by mail 


  • 10 000 VIP passes 


  • Stratégie Clients website updated daily 


  • E-invites 


  • Event referenced on Facebook, Linkedin, Viadeo and Twitter 


  • Sector newsletter on the website 


  • Web marketing operation (affiliation, re-targeting, display, etc.) 


  • A large-scale media plan in the specialised professional press 


  • A VIP service for special guests  


  • Press releases sent throughout the year 


  • Strong partnerships with professional organisations in the sector 


  • Mobile application