Stratégie clients : Le salon btob de la relation client et des centres d’appels






Customer relationship standards change every day as the customer gathers experiences and sees their expectations evolve. 



More attentive, more demanding, the customer can access a multitude of offers and service options that enhance their daily life. Every day, a new entrant in a market or a new feature reappears on the customer experience cards, which becomes a moving target and an ever higher objective for brands and companies. 



In digital interfaces as well as in human interactions, in B2C as in B2B, artificial intelligence is making its way and is increasing the capacities of customers and employees alike. The customer is known, he is recognised and their environment is enriched and personalised. 



Companies face the challenge of a relationship enriched by algorithms and robots driven by global giants. But on a daily basis, face-to-face or remotely, in synchronous or asynchronous exchanges, teams must serve the customer and companies must face the necessary harmonisation of exchanges and the imperative of omnicanality. 



The winners of the customer experience will be companies able to blend their relationship channels, to put people in digital and digital in the real world, to combine with common sense artificial intelligence and relational intelligence. 



Developing interpersonal intelligence, as an organisation, means knowing how to listen to your customers, taking their emotions into account to make them live exceptional moments. 



A trade show allows you to grow by way of meetings, to evaluate your performance and tools and to imagine the future with confidence and enthusiasm. 



The Stratégie Clients Trade Show,as the leading European meeting place for customer relations and experience, offers its visitors a unique range of solutions and best practices to develop the relational intelligence that companies need to distinguish themselves and grow. 



Our show will be held in parallel with the E-Marketing Paris show from April 9 to 11 to offer its exhibitors and numerous visitors a complete overview of the techniques and technologies used to acquire and retain customers. 



Come prepare the future of customer experience with us at the Stratégie Clients Trade Show!




Ghislaine de CHAMBINE

Directrice des salons Stratégie Clients et E-Marketing Paris                            

Thierry Spencer

                   Responsable des conférences plénières