More meaning, more impact: new experiences

Welcome to impactful experiences

Customers now want their experiences to be meaningful, for the products or services they consume to have a positive impact. In both human and digital interactions, customers expect proof of consideration, ever stronger commitments and perceptible signs of change.

In the wake of a health crisis, preoccupied by current events, customers are concerned about their relationships and are sparing with their travel. They want good reasons to consume and to exchange with brands.
Consuming less, consuming better, exchanging with intensity, these are the conditions for a successful experience in the eyes of the customer.

It’s time for impact, for a shock of emotions, for a distinctive and engaging experience.

At a time when techniques for listening to customers and measuring their perception have never been so perfected, companies have all the sensors they need to capture customer expectations.

In their journey, at each point of contact, customers develop a new sensitivity to words, gestures, values as well as actions in difficult situations as well as situations with a high potential for delight.

Stratégie Clients invites you to measure your impact in the corridors of its show, at each stand, in each workshop and each plenary conference

The Stratégie Clients exhibition, dedicated to customer experience professionals, offers you a unique perspective on the new solutions available to make a difference, in remote relationships and in all interactions. It is the largest trade show in Europe dedicated to customer relations and customer experience, a unique annual meeting in Paris where decision-makers and the most advanced providers meet.

Our show will be held in parallel with E-Marketing Paris on March 28, 29 & 30, 2023 at Paris Porte de Versailles in Pavilion 5, to offer thousands of visitors a complete panorama of solutions for customer acquisition and retention, through digital tools and physical experiences.

Join the community of professionals who want to strengthen their impact in the eyes of their customers and make a difference with a positive contribution to our world.

Exhibition Director
Stratégie Clients & E-Marketing Paris

Plenary sessions manager
Salon Stratégie Clients