Customer relationship channels are becoming hybrid: more digital in the real world, more human on the internet! The Covid-19 crisis has impacted all sectors of activity and customer relations have been transformed as a result.

Real-world, face-to-face customers use digital in many forms to enhance their experience. There are many ways to get connected while on the move: connected vehicle or terminal, mobile application, dematerialised documents, augmented reality tools or virtual reality headsets… Digital technology and the Internet are enriching the real world.

At a distance, while the relationship is governed more and more frequently by algorithms and machines, the need for a human relationship is becoming stronger and stronger, enriched by a new way of “taking care”. Customers want to be able to rely on the efficiency of machines and at the same time on the human being’s ability to take their emotions into account.

Customers want the best of both worlds!

Companies’ customer strategy must now evolve as customer relationship channels develop, enrich and hybridize.

Awaiting coherent and efficient paths, the customer wants to be able to combine the best of digital and human relations. He expects his interlocutors to be able to solve his problems on the first try and he demands increased availability and ease of use from his terminals.

Within companies, the time has come to reconcile artificial and human intelligence. The appropriation of new tools by employees, their ability to imagine a hybrid future for the benefit of the customer become the keys to the success of customer experience projects.

An exhibition such as Stratégie Clients dedicated to customer experience professionals allows you to discover a unique panorama in Europe of all the service providers who count and who offer the most adapted and forward-looking solutions. The watchword is to emerge from this instructive crisis with the utmost agility.

Stratégie Clients, allows its visitors to experience new ways, exchange with their peers and listen to testimonials from companies that are on the road to successful hybridization and that have found innovative solutions during the crisis.

Our exhibition will be held in parallel with E-Marketing Paris from March 29th to March 31st 2022, in order to offer the numerous exhibitors and thousands of professional visitors the best solutions to manage their customers’ end-to-end journeys, from recruitment to loyalty, from the real world to the internet.

Experience the customer relationship of the future at the Salon Stratégie Clients and come out stronger to face this period of economic uncertainty.

Ghislaine de CHAMBINE
Exhibition Director
Stratégie Clients & E-Marketing Paris  

Plenary sessions manager
Salon Stratégie Clients