Ghislaine de Chambine
Exhibition Director
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The customer relationship channels are being hybridized: more digital in the real world, more human on the internet! The real-world customer, in face-to-face dealings, uses digital in many forms to enhance their experience. There are more and more ways to connect while on the move: Connected vehicles or terminals, mobile applications, electronic documents, augmented reality tools or virtual reality headsets… Digital and internet enhance the real world.

Remotely, while the relationship is governed more and more frequently by algorithms and machines, the need for a human relationship is becoming stronger and stronger. Customers want to be able to rely on the efficiency of machines and at the same time on the human taking into account their emotions. Customers want the best of both worlds!

The crisis we are going through has accelerated the movement towards this hybridization by introducing customers to new uses and changing the place of digital in the relationship.

visitors profile

Companies size

  • Less than 100 employees
  • 100 to 199 employees
  • 200 to 499 employees
  • 500 to 1 000 employees
  • More than 1 000 employees


  • Customer Relationship Directors
  • Commercial directors / responsable
  • CEO/ Owners
  • Marketing and communication directors
  • IT Directors
  • Others

Activity sectors

  • E-Commerce / Internet
  • IT / Telecommunication / TIC / SSII
  • Bank / Finance / Insurance
  • Audit/ Studies
  • Call Centers
  • Communication / Marketing / Advertising
  • Commerce / Distribution / Retailer
  • Public Administration / Local collectivities
  • Others

Who Exhibit ?

Customer Relationship

Customer insights

Artificial intelligence, bots
Employee support tools
Facial recognition
Cloud computing
Contact centre and telephone marketing
Contact centers software
Conversation analysis
CRM solutions and social CRM
Customer interaction management
Customer relationship monitoring
Mobile services
Relationship and customer experience consulting
Self care tools
Solutions for customers with disabilities
Telecom / VOIP operator
Training and human resources
Voice solutions
Workstation ergonomics
Analysis of customer data
Analysis of customer verbatim
Big data and customer intelligence
Customer data collection and processing
Customer journey modeling
Digital studies
Listening to customers
Mystery shopping studies
Quantitative and qualitative customer research
Social media monitoring
Voice of the Customer analysis

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